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SAGA STUDIO  first established itself as an independent jewelry label in 2011 while working from a modest atelier in Nepal. We have since expanded our production to include clothing and leather accessories. We are a small team of multi-disciplinary imagineers banded together by our passion for knowledge and design. We are involved in the entire making process from imagining the initial concept to engineering the finest details.


Enchanted by the language of lines and the poetry of texture, with strong emphasis on structure, every one of our pieces is a meditation on function and aesthetics. 


Our aesthetics are based on Tribal Tech fashion which combines the minimal, futuristic quality of Space with the organic, sensual quality of Earth. We have merged these two concepts into a hybrid collection of Celestial + Terrestrial jewelry and clothing designed for CyberWarriors who look to the future for originality without forgetting their tribal roots.


Epic engineering



We are best known for our interpretation of contemporary and sacred imagery into sophisticated design while still using traditional craftsmanship. An ageless body of work which travels forwards or backwards in time, capturing the essence of eras.


Every piece is hand-finished and carefully constructed without compromising on the quality of the materials. In our jewelry, we work with precious gems, natural stones, brass, gold, 925 silver which are all sourced locally. Through synergy of mind and heart, we craft our pieces from beginning to end in our workshops in Nepal and Bali.

From mind to matter



Life began with the end. Our motherland had taught us everything she knew and hungry for more, we sought to take us further in our quest for the truth. We knew the answer was out there, we just didn’t know what the question was.



The road was stimulating as we moved through different roots and ripened with experience. It was finally in the winter of the Himalayan range that we found the spark. With nothing but primitive tools and antiquated techniques, we discovered the art of metal crafting. Thus began our transition from mind to matter.



And we continue to move through lands or dimensions to learn, experience, and grow…mastering our art as much as our self.


The evolution of art is synchronized with the evolution of the individual.

One cannot exist without the other.


Evolution is at the core of SAGA. The perpetual evolution of our spirit and technique. The creative evolution from mind to matter. The evolution of our art from terrestrial to celestial.

This is our SAGA.